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With over thirty years of experience in this business 98COWS offers a variety of " high-quality" cowhide rugs, stenciled cowhide rugs, acid washed cowhide rugs (designer cowhides) and patchwork cowhide rugs (in a wide variety of sizes and shapes). 98COWS is the only cowhide company in America that gives our customers a ten year warranty. Our cowhides are durable, beautiful and easily cared for even by the laziest of housekeepers. In the worst case a good-quality cowhide from 98COWS can be washed with a garden hose. Our high-quality cowhide resist stains like no other rug. Red wine, orange juice and even the occasional dropped peanut-and-butter sandwich (that could ruin a carpet) are no match for our cowhide rugs. A 98COWS cowhide rug cleans easily with mild soap and water.

The best known cowhide rugs are processed in Brazil, using very expensive Italian tanning equipment and decades of knowhow. Brazilian raised beef is the source of the best cowhides for several reasons. Brazilian ranchers are paid handsomely for the color and quality of their beef cattle. Cowhides free of blemishes are prized. Fat cattle make good cowhide rugs. Poor cattle make good rugs to be sold as closeouts, on Ebay or on so-called " overstocked" web sites. Cowhides are sometimes referred to as "steer bides," although the cowhide can be either a steer or heifer. At 98COWS we provide the highest quality chromium tanned cowhides from Brazil. Our cowhide rugs appeal to a wide array of decors from the mission style on a Northern California horse ranch to New York Fifth Avenue elegant. The right cowhide rug can add " pop", charm, warmth and style.

98COWS Cowhides are priced based on the demand, color, size and quality. The most expensive cowhides are hard to get, but they are the right color in the right size and of the best quality (with no noticeable patches or stitches). These cowhides can last for twenty years or more even in high-traffic areas, while maintaining their natural softness and beauty. Good quality cowhides do not need a lining and they should lay flat. The most desirable and expensive natural cowhide color at this printing is the solid white. The lease most desirable is solid black.

Cowhide rugs are made to be used on hard surfaces- no shag carpet please (even the best cowhide rug will not lay flat on uneven surface). Hardwood, tile and concrete floors most benefit the use of a beautiful cowhide rug. And "yes" the suede side of the cowhide grips the floor like a magnet -lining not necessary on a good-quality cowhide rug from 98COWS.

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